There are definitely many pros and cons when it comes to working as an exotic dancer.

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Below is my list of the 5 best reasons I work in this industry.

1. You just cant make this kind of money working in McDonald’s

What other job can you make $1000 cash in one night? This of course is the bottom line of why I do this, the money just can’t be beat. Of course I don’t always make $1000 a night, I usually take home anywhere from $300-$600 a night.  Before I started dancing I worked in the service industry making basically minimum-wage. The hours were long the work was arduous, and at the end of the day I had very little to show for it.

2. I get to make my own schedule

Another added benefit of working in this industry is the fact that I basically can work when I want. If I want to take off for two months in order to concentrate on my studies or travel, I have the freedom to do that. Of course everyplace you work has different rules, but you definitely have more leeway than you would in a regular 9-to-5 job.

3.  It’s a good workout

I like to consider myself someone who takes good care of themselves. I go to the gym several times a week do a decent amount of cardio and some light weights. What most people don’t realize is dancing expends a lot of energy. Being up on the stage for hours every night can leave me with sore muscles the next day. I always break a sweat while I’m dancing in my heart rate is a was elevated. It’s definitely a good cardio workout, and supplements my time in the gym.

 4. I get to show off my body

this may sound very egocentric, but I like to show off my body. When I was younger was very self-conscious of how I looked in even avoided going to the beach because I didn’t like people looking at me. Now, as a result of dancing I have a lot of self-confidence and proud to show off my body. I work hard to keep myself in shape so there’s no reason why I should hide it.

5. I’ve become a seasoned diplomat

This is an aspect of the job that most people don’t think of when they think of strippers. Of course I spend time on the stage dancing, but the majority of my time is spent mingling with the customers. When I first started doing this I was very shy and uncomfortable when I approached anybody. I wasn’t quite sure what to say nor was I confident in my English. But after doing it for a while you become much more comfortable talking to complete strangers. I’ve met all different kinds of people with all different types of personalities. At this point I could hold a conversation with just about anybody on just about any subject. I think this is an underrated skill that you gain from working in this industry that is easily transferable to many other careers.

The 5 Best Things About Working As An Exotic Dancer

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