I’ve had friends ask me why I would spend my time pursuing a career as a physical therapist, since I make so much money working as an exotic dancer. Yes it’s true that I have a very healthy income as a result of my current profession, but anyone would be hard-pressed to call this a career.

Dancing is definitely a job as opposed to a career. Now granted it’s a really really good job where you can make very good money and have a good amount of freedom to pursue other things. There are of course pros and cons of the job which I’ve addressed in previous posts.

The way I see it is that dancing is something that I use as a tool to provide me with the means to achieve my longer-term goals. It’s true, I do make more money right now is a dancer than I would in any other career that I can choose to pursue, but it was not my lifelong dream as a child to grow up to be a stripper. I don’t get a great amount of internal satisfaction doing this job, but having a background in dance, I’ve always been fascinated with the human body.

This is the main reason that I wanted to one day become a physical therapist. Some people think this is crazy when they look at me thinking how I dance on stage for money, but the truth is there are many intelligent girls who work as dancers that are paying their way through school and this is exactly what I’m doing. Some girls spend their money on expensive purses and shoes or vacations, I’m investing in my future!

As far as dancing goes, you have a limited shelf life. Yes you find women who are working in their late 30s or 40s still making money, but most men want younger girls and this means that time is not on your side.  The endless flow of cash will dry up in direct relation to your body. :)

I’ve been able to bring in a six-figure salary without even working a full-time schedule. But as I’ve pointed out this is not something I would like to be doing long-term, pursuing a more stable career is my long-term goal. It’s not like physical therapists don’t make good money. The average salary for a physical therapist is $82,180 a year. That’s just the average which means that of course you can make slightly less but if you’re motivated and work hard you could make more than that. The Career Trove is a good resource if your currently looking for information about starting a new career.

I think the part of being a physical therapist that attracts me the most is that you are doing something that is directly helping someone.  You get to develop relationships with your patients and hopefully see them progress towards health.  I can not think of a more rewarding career.   Also, as I mentioned, I have always been fascinated with the mechanics of the human body, which I’m sure was further encouraged my my formal dance training.

For those who are not familiar with what a physical therapist does, this YouTube video gives some good information about what its all about.

There’s definitely a lot of schooling involved in pursuing a degree in physical therapy and I have a while to go before I finish my Masters and pass my certification exams. I think the important point that anyone should take away from all my ramblings is that it is important to have bigger and longer term goals in your life and to not be satisfied with your current situation unless it meets your desires and expectations.  Also,  one of the most important lessons to learn in life: NEVER BE AFRAID TO FAIL!

Paying My Way Through School: My Future Career As A Physical Therapist

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