The 5 Worst Things About Working As An Exotic Dancer

I recently published a post about what I consider to be the 5 things about working as an exotic dancer.  You can find that post here.  This is my follow up post which looks at 5 of the worst parts about working in this industry.  Whenever anyone is trying to choose a career or job they often have to weigh the pros and cons of the work they will be involved with.  Hopefully these posts give some incite into the pros and cons of stripping.

Below are what I consider to be the 5 worst things about working as an exotic dancer:

1. I always have to appear as if I’m happy and having fun

In an industry that relies on customer satisfaction and  tips, having a pleasant demeanor and a smile is a necessity. Even with the fact that 99% of the customers are consuming alcohol and some are even drunk, no one wants to sit down with a girl who is passed off or in a bitchy mood. A lot of customers come in because they have their own personal problems and they want to forget about it for a while and have some fun. A good dancer knows how to keep a smile on her face the matter what her mood because ultimately if she could get the client in a good mood he is more willing to spend money on her.

2. Customers assume I’m a slut, whore, or prostitute

Some guys just don’t understand that when they come into strip club. Not walking into a whore house. They’ve come to be entertained by pretty girls on stage dancing weather the global bar where there is no nudity or fully nude strip club, it is all ultimately a giant keys. Some guys thinks it’s okay to touch me inappropriately or request sexual favors. Of course there are some girls who do work in this industry who do sell sexual services and use the quotes to find clients, but the majority of girls don’t engage in this kind of activity, at least the ones I’ve worked with.

3. Creeps, stalkers, and creeps

Can I say it again, creeps and stalkers! This part of the job can actually get frightening. I have heard horror stories from other girls who had guys call them home finder with a with and harass them. Since we have all kinds of individuals come into the club you see the full spectrum of personalities as well as personality disorders. As a dancer you always have to be on the lookout for signs that someone is a nut job. I’ve had my share of obsessive customers, but nothing ever to the point where I feared for my life. But I do always look over my shoulder, and most of the girls keep an eye out what each other know when a customer seems like they may be crazy. We also have security in the club that will take care of any person that gets out of line.

4. People assume I’m stupid

You can find all different kinds of women working at a strip club. I have met girls who were drug addicts and I have met girls who had masters degrees in business. For some reason not only do customers seem to assume that we are all prostitutes and sluts, but that we are all stupid. I find this particular stereotype very amusing, especially given the fact that these guys that come into the club with with their entire paycheck and gladly hand the entire amount over to me just to look at my nipples. If this is any measure of intelligence/stupidity I’ll let you decide who falls into what category in the situation.

5. Germs!

A strip club is not the cleanest place in the world. The fact that most of the dancers are wearing very little clothing means that they’re coming into contact with all kinds of surfaces that have probably not been adequately cleaned a long time. This consider the fact that when the dancers onstage she’s working hard and is probably sweating. The polls on the stage get covered in sweat from all the different girls who grinding and dancing on them. This is kind of gross, which is why I always spray down the pole with disinfectant before I dance. I also always have hand sanitizer as well. Even when sitting and talking to clients around the bar, is sitting in seats on basically your bare ass.  Who knows when the last of the seats were cleaned.  Also you getting rather close to strange men who could have all different kinds of sicknesses from cold and lose to God knows what. I keep myself healthy by exercising and taking lots of vitamins, but when there is sickness going around it’s hard to avoid. The best advice is if you feeling rundown take off until you feel better so that you don’t risk contracting the latest cold/flu that’s making the rounds.



The 5 Best Things About Working As An Exotic Dancer

There are definitely many pros and cons when it comes to working as an exotic dancer.

Check out my top 5 worst reasons for working as an exotic dancer here.

Below is my list of the 5 best reasons I work in this industry.

1. You just cant make this kind of money working in McDonald’s

What other job can you make $1000 cash in one night? This of course is the bottom line of why I do this, the money just can’t be beat. Of course I don’t always make $1000 a night, I usually take home anywhere from $300-$600 a night.  Before I started dancing I worked in the service industry making basically minimum-wage. The hours were long the work was arduous, and at the end of the day I had very little to show for it.

2. I get to make my own schedule

Another added benefit of working in this industry is the fact that I basically can work when I want. If I want to take off for two months in order to concentrate on my studies or travel, I have the freedom to do that. Of course everyplace you work has different rules, but you definitely have more leeway than you would in a regular 9-to-5 job.

3.  It’s a good workout

I like to consider myself someone who takes good care of themselves. I go to the gym several times a week do a decent amount of cardio and some light weights. What most people don’t realize is dancing expends a lot of energy. Being up on the stage for hours every night can leave me with sore muscles the next day. I always break a sweat while I’m dancing in my heart rate is a was elevated. It’s definitely a good cardio workout, and supplements my time in the gym.

 4. I get to show off my body

this may sound very egocentric, but I like to show off my body. When I was younger was very self-conscious of how I looked in even avoided going to the beach because I didn’t like people looking at me. Now, as a result of dancing I have a lot of self-confidence and proud to show off my body. I work hard to keep myself in shape so there’s no reason why I should hide it.

5. I’ve become a seasoned diplomat

This is an aspect of the job that most people don’t think of when they think of strippers. Of course I spend time on the stage dancing, but the majority of my time is spent mingling with the customers. When I first started doing this I was very shy and uncomfortable when I approached anybody. I wasn’t quite sure what to say nor was I confident in my English. But after doing it for a while you become much more comfortable talking to complete strangers. I’ve met all different kinds of people with all different types of personalities. At this point I could hold a conversation with just about anybody on just about any subject. I think this is an underrated skill that you gain from working in this industry that is easily transferable to many other careers.